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February 14, 2010

YourBookBiz -- Building Your Web Site

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Your book's presence on the Internet is essential. The world is changing at an embarrassing rate. How we get and use information is driving the bus. The web can produce richer content, better targeted, up to date data, totally interactive, with faster access than the local brick and mortar book store. The fact the information tool fits easily in the palm of your hand is the final trump card in a perfect deck. Doom-sayers for the paper book industry speculate that the bound books of the future will only be purchased as "souvenirs" while our species will turn increasingly to the digital world for their information and entertainment. As authors we must approach the world wide web as a farmer approaches his garden. We want the most production and return for the least amount of hard work. The art is in knowing what are the common sense rules that work and what ones don't.

Your web page is an adventure you need to embrace. Establish your learning curve as a down payment on book publishing success. Planting the seeds for your future garden of writing related enterprises should be a pretty heady experience. As in all of our Community Publishing 101 components we have to insure that we aim for a high quality, user friendly, information rich site that draws customers and other writers back. We must compete at a global scale. As you transition your thinking into the fact that you are a writer and have every reason to expect to earn a living, also think of your website as a place to grow the other opportunities for you to make a buck using the skills you have as a writer: editing, copy editing, design, articles, speaking engagements, mentoring, etc. Your website becomes your one location office for your future earnings.

The Community Publishing 101 web pages are presently contained in the Sirius Publications domain. The pages have been all designed and posted by me. The helpful and relevant content on the site is starting to reflect the wide range of skills and activities that are critical to the publishing business. The BusinessPlan the Editing Process, the Marketing Plan, Cover Design, Interior Design, the Distributing Plan, and the Sales and Accounting Plan, are all components for success. As we work through each stage, our content will be driven by the research and decision making milestones we reach. Our goal is to align our Tasks and Timelines in order to reach our publication date.

The Sirius Publications site is hosted under my GoDaddy account and I found the template and Website Tonight web building program easy to use. The results are visually generic, but the information is displayed and available in a no nonsense format. The budget for Gatsby’s Last Resort: A Telluride Murder Mystery has earmarked a sizable chunk for a web page and I think it is time to have someone professional take the site from its current state to state of the art. I will post my experiences in this area soon.

Below is a helpful site map of the content that is already available for writers at Many of these pages are linked directly from the informative posts available here at Please visit the Community Publishing 101 site and share your experiences on the contact page. We also welcome any new postings or comments offered by participants in the Community Publishing 101 effort. It is a good way to build your publishing resume for use on your own site or profile page.

Our next posts will tie together the exciting world of the web and the essence of our marketing plan.

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