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February 01, 2010

YourBookBiz -- Second Free Community Publishing 101 Seminar At Wilkinson

[click "Play" to hear R. J. Rubadeau describe Wednesday's seminar]

Community Publishing 101 is BACK to take on the basics of book marketing, and the most effective way to establish a web presence for yourself and your book. The second of four, free, one-hour  seminars will be held at the Wilkinson Public Library on Wednesday evening, February 3, at 6 p.m. at the Program Room.Book Publisher's handbook Nearly fifty local writers and book lovers attended the Kick-Off seminar last month and came away with a much better understanding of what happens to your book once the writing is finished. R. J. Rubadeau, seminar leader and Community Publishing 101 pilot project author, reports that many of our local writers have returned to their works-in-progress with a renewed enthusiasm and with a clear, easily followed, straightforward path in place towards eventual publication.

YourBookBiz/Community Publishing 101 is receiving a growing buzz in the national book industry. Our locally designed partnership, including the public library, the local book store, the writing community, our homegrown webzine, and a local small publisher, is a unique format for success that could be duplicated in many communities across the country. Our effort to preserve regional voices in our country's literarture by promoting and supporting local writers, and by "branding" our community led publication process with high quality, content integrity, and a truly professional finished product. This experiment is attracting attention on blogs and social networks dealing with writers, editors, publishers and the books they produce. Join this Telluride led revolution for better books and a growing, vibrant local writing community connected in a single positive effort.

Community Publishing 101/ Wednesday Feb. 3rd at 6 p.m. /Program Room/ Wilkinson Library /Telluride


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